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Adriana Vasilache - Founder

Trial and error

In mentoring or coaching the proteges get to meet at least once with their corresponding pairs before starting the actual process.

Continuous on-boarding

Participants can register at any time and update in real time their availability status and their goals, interests or skills.


We offer data anonymisation at various levels based on your organization requirements.


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Mentoring platform

Builds longer term mentoring relationships inside the organization on topics relevant to your organization.

Starting at 1200EUR/year

Minimum duration is 6 months (800EUR/6months). For combined packages contact us for details.


Coaching platform

Enables short and targetted one on one trainings and supervision for specific roles in your organization.

Starting at 1300EUR/year

Minimum duration is 6 months (850EUR/6months). For combined packages contact us for details.


Networking platform

Enhhances collaboration and interdisciplinarity potential in your organization and improves your people's well being.

Starting at 900EUR/year

Minimum duration is 6 months (600EUR/6months). For combined packages contact us for details.

Stronger connections for efficiency and engagement

1More interaction between different units
Projects with higher interdisciplinarity level and less task redundancy are achieved through deeper connection, communication and active collaboration across units at all levels.
Employees have quick access to resources, guidance in performing their tasks efficiently and a better understanding of their roles and careers thanks to an easy to enroll mentoring and coaching program.
Especially in remote working conditions, human deeper connections contribute to employees' wellbeing and consequently their engagement.

Easy set-up and utilization

Easy and Flexible matching

Participants register in the system and a pair is automatically assigned for them at the next starting round. The Odyssey platform peer to peer matching takes into consideration the skills, interests, language and other requirements selected by the participants. The list of matching criteria is customized for each organization. The round based periodic process enables, but does not enforce the change of the pair at any new round. The change is done based on personal preference or time availability.

Follow-up and feedback process

  • 1
    Feedback and evaluation are enabled for all participants.
  • 2
    Continuous interaction with the pairs is encouraged by periodic notifications.
  • 3
    The follow-up process is automatic.
  • 4
    The privacy levels and access rights are customized.

We offer on demand mentor and mentee trainings.

Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish a sustainable culture for continuous growth.

Read Our Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

Margaret Page, DTM PID, Toastmasters International International President-Elect 2020-2021, Canada
“I endorse project Odyssey and commend its creators for creating a great tool that matches mentors and proteges in Toastmasters and beyond.

Odyssey came to my attention in July of 2020 and I began exploring its process and possibilities. I was not disappointed. The software was easy to register in and the mentoring period was short enough that I could easily incorporate it into my busy schedule.

I was happily surprised by the rapid success of the model. I was immediately paired with someone who was looking for my skills, and we forged a wonderful mentoring relationship. We lived on opposite sides of the world yet my protege and I were able to meet on multiple occasions and even worked on several activities beyond the scope of our mentorship calls. Odyssey made the relationship more effective by providing easy-to-use processes, follow-ups, and offering ways to improve.

If you have not yet tried Odyssey, I highly recommend you do. Whether you are seeking to enhance your skills or have skills and wisdom to share, you will benefit from this useful tool.“
Florian Bay, DTM IPDD Public speaking trainer, UK
Odyssey is a great way for me to expand my network of peers and friends within my organisation. Thanks to the programme I met some amazing people and formed really strong friendships with peers outside of my home region. The programme also provided me with insights on the challenges that overseas peers and colleagues face, thereby transforming me into a better leader and furthering my skills as a coach and mentor. I highly recommend the programme to anybody wishing to broaden their horizons and meet fantastic people at the same time.
Andreas Geiger, DTM, D109 Corporate Program Evangelist, Switzerland
We used 2020 to bring Toastmasters closer together than ever before. Thanks to us holding almost 100% of our sessions online one can visit Toastmasters clubs everywhere in the world. At the same time Odyssey helped us automate the matching of mentors, mentees and networking partners worldwide. Thanks to initiatives like Odyssey, Toastmasters has become even more International in 2020.
Maria Belenkova-Buford, DTM, Chartered Professional Accountant, Canada
I love the idea and hope to gain more from this wonderful project. My networking has expanded to places where I never thought I'd have connections. This program is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness. I also had a great experience with mentorship.
Dr. Najwan Adileh Professional Certified Coach, Turkey
Odyssey Project is a holistic learning and networking project for sharing experience, thoughts, and practical knowledge. By being a mentor, I improved my communication and personal skills. Besides, I engaged in an opportunity of being a mentee, which reinforced my own study skills and knowledge of public speaking and leadership. Also, having a networking pair supported me to start applying new skills and ideas for my speeches.
Patricia Dzifa Mensah-Larkai, DTM, Ghana
Going on this journey as both a mentor and a mentee, aboard the Odyssey ship has been enlightening and empowering. I was honoured to be matched with the right mentor (DTM Jaap Russchenberg), who poured out his depth of experience and knowledge into our time in Odyssey. This quality time and knowledge has built me up and he connected me with other experts to help me think deeper and more creatively about my goals. I daresay I found a Coach as well in him and a connection I hope to nurture with each of the milestones I achieve here on. I'll certainly recommend Odyssey to anyone who desires to crossover to the other side of hesitation, to discover their next Horizon. It helps you shift to that next Higher level, when you make that commitment to challenge yourself further. As I mentor others on this Odyssey trip, I also had the opportunity to meet other Toastmasters who could benefit from my experience and knowledge. Thank you Odyssey Team and keep Scaling Higher Heights!”

A short video demonstration of the Odyssey experience as a participant.

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