Odyssey Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in privacy. We, at Odyssey.today, are glad that you are here, reading this, and we really mean it!

We would like to let you know that all of us in the Odyssey team are currently using Odyssey, so these privacy rules apply to us as much as they would apply to you. Furthermore, when we built Odyssey, we strived to create a platform that we would not hesitate to use ourselves, even if it was built by somebody else.

Privacy Policy Description

No tracking:

  • We do not track your activity on this site: we have no information on who is visiting us unless they send us a message using the contact form. This is intentional.
  • We do not use cookies, analytics or similar technologies intended for tracking users.
  • We do not use advertising.
  • We do our best to prevent 3rd parties tracking you on this site: we are not using 3rd party SDKs (except Vimeo) and all resources (fonts, images, Javascript libraries) that we are using are loaded from our server.


  • In case you have questions or comments, we would be delighted to answer them, please contact Florin Lohan at .